You are a parent or caregiver who knows how important play is, but you can’t play with your child every second of the day! 

You’ve tried setting up projects, but your kids don’t engage without you right there. You really don’t want to rely on the iPad anymore, but nothing else seems to work. 

If you are ready for some easy to understand, concrete strategies for when your child whines, ​"I'M BORED," this 30 minute workshop is for you. When you use what you learn in this workshop, you’ll be welcoming long stretches of time this summer while your child plays independently.


...when you buy all the toys and set up the art projects, and your kids still won’t play without you. I remember feeling like I should just give up when my third child came along and was so used to being entertained.


But then I realized that not only would that end up with me feeling resentful and burned out, it would be doing a great disservice to her. So I dug back into the research and figured out how to use what I learned about boredom, children, and play to support her in becoming who she is today. A child who loves to play, create and learn. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.

Stop being the cruise director and entertainer and start marveling at how creative your child actually is!

Stop handing over the tablet while swallowing your guilt and start confidently parenting the way you want to.

(pssst. your kids can play video games sometimes and play independently other times. It is not all or nothing.)

Learn exactly how to set clear and firm limits around play and boredom instead of scrambling to remember what to say and do in the moment and then giving in. 

Stop distracting your child with snacks and novelty toys, and instead watch them reinvent what they already have at home. You are going to be so surprised at what they come up with! 

  • Interactive workbook to support you in the moment that you need it most.

  • Unlimited access to the workshop from anywhere, in any time zone.

  • Actionable tips that you can start using today.

  • Through provoking, big ideas that will impact all areas of parenting.

Get the video workshop and the interactive workbook for $34!


“You have literally changed how we interact and connect with our kids. Thank you for all that you do and for being a teammate on this crazy, amazing journey.”




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Hi, I’m Lizzie Assa (MS. Ed), the founder of The Workspace for Children. I am a parenting strategist, play advocate, and a mom of three creative kids. I am ANTI perfectionist-parenting and all about that growth mindset! I help parents avoid burnout by bringing back play. Parenting burnout is the worst, and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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This workshop and workbook are created by Lizzie Assa (MS. Ed).