Imagine having time to yourself while your child is playing productively.  This simple guide provides a road map for implementing daily quiet time for you and your child. It includes language tips, hacks, troubleshooting and play prompts.  Not only will this guide give you a daily break from the hamster wheel of parenting, you will also walk away with the skills to confidently teach your child to play independently.  You don't need to buy anything. Start where you are, regardless of your child's age, and confidently implement daily quiet time and the skills for independent, self-directed play.

Hi, I’m Lizzie Assa (MS. Ed), the founder of The Workspace for Children. I am a parenting strategist, play advocate, and a mom of three creative kids. I am ANTI perfectionist-parenting and all about that growth mindset! I help parents avoid burnout by bringing back play. Parenting burnout is the worst, and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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