A Self-Guided Audio Course And Interactive Workbook Designed To Help You Go From 
Entertaining Your Kids All Day, To Daily Quiet Time And Independent Play, Giving Everyone The Break They Deserve

Set Your Kids Up For Successful Independent Play
Put A Strong Routine In Place For Daily Quiet Time
Ease Parental Burnout While Raising Self-Sufficient, Creative Thinkers



How Many Toys You Buy

If Your Child Has Screen Time Or Not

How Many IG Posts and Blog Posts You Read About Independent Play

If you don’t have a crystal clear understanding of what your unique child needs in order to approach independent play with confidence, then you will stay stuck in the cycle of entertaining them 24-7. ​


You are a parent who wants their child to benefit from daily independent play, but you are tired of reading conflicting advice and schedules that promise you results that don’t come. You might be worried that your child can’t or won’t play independently, and you are ready to learn exactly what makes your specific child tick when it comes to play. You are ready to do what it takes to support your child in becoming a confident, self-starter in play and in life.  


(If you are looking for crafting ideas and projects to do with your kids, this is not the resource for you!)​

  • You Will Have A Clear Understanding

    Of how to use the toys that are already in your home to meet the needs of your unique child instead of continually buying lots of random toys and supplies that your child ignores. (There’s a good reason some things resonate with your child and some don’t!)

  • You Will Be Confident And Ready

    To implement the plan you’ve customized for your child’s daily quiet time, which will eliminate the daily battle of wills when you try to get your child to play independently. 

  • You'll Understand Exactly How To Set Limits

    That your specific child will respond to, instead of using blanket statements and rules that only seem to work for other children. 

  • Buy Program

  • Download Audio Modules and Print Workbook 

  • Listen to Audio Modules Whenever, Wherever.

  • Use The Workbook To Customize Exactly How Quiet Time Will Work For Your Child

  • Implement Your Play

  • Watch The Independent Play Unfold While You Win Time Back For Yourself 

"I took your course on Independent Play and Quiet Time and I just wanted to tell you how much it has helped me these last five months. I always meant to get my 3 kids into their own spaces for a "quiet time" but it never happened.


Since your course, I have had at least 45 minutes every. Single. DAY! And some days they ask to play longer. 


Sometimes I sit and do nothing. Sometimes I do my own work. Sometimes I clean. But it is my time regardless and I NEED it. And so do they. All of this time together means they really need down time and solo time. Thank you for motivating me and helping me see the importance of instilling this for my family.


We ALL treasure it."



"One night last summer our patience had worn thin. We were frustrated that over the years we had not been able to create a daily and dependable quiet time for our young daughter. That frustration cemented our decision to embark on this journey using Lizzie’s program to create this for our family. Lizzie’s wonderful guide (audio and written) instructed us on how to accomplish this and she provided additional support with unique ideas for our family in the zoom call ‘office hours’. I’m not going to lie- it’s hard work and it still continues to be hard work, however, we now feel like we have the resources to accomplish that hard work. Lizzie has such wonderful advice and it is always just what I need to hear. I am most grateful to her for sharing her knowledge- it has for sure improved my parenting experience. If in doubt purchase the class, you will not regret it!” 



"As we head into another "season" of all being home together, I cannot recommend this enough.


I took Lizzie's very first class. It was life changing for my kids and for me. My kids can play independently...for hours. They are imaginative, creative, and innovative. They play together. They play apart. They have quiet time. It has made this new normal so much easier. 


Are some days still super hard and horrible? Yes, absolutely. But, giving your kids the gift of play and giving yourself the gift of time is the best thing you can do for your whole family. Read her posts.


Drink her Koolaid. I promise, It's worth it!"




Who Is This Course For?

How Does The Course Work?

After you purchase the course, you will get your login credentials to access your private course portal in your inbox. The course portal hosts the audio files, workbook, and bonus resources, which are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to use the materials through the portal or you can download the audio files to your device and print out the workbook.You have unlimited access to the materials.


Imagine taking me along on your walk or having me in your pocket while you fold laundry. It will feel like hanging out on YOUR terms while I teach you how to implement daily quiet time and independent play at your own pace. I want you to win back time to invest in yourself. 


No matter what season of life you are in, your to do list will not stop compiling itself. It is up to you to break up with burnout and give yourself and your child the daily break you both need.

What Makes This Course Different?

What Age Is This Course Meant For?

Maybe you are here looking for a way to build in a daily break, because you are feeling burned out. Maybe you are here because you know how important independent play is for your child, and you cannot seem to get them in a groove. Either way, this resource is going to provide you with built in daily play for your child and a time for you take care of you. All children learn through play and all children need play in order to thrive.  

Children learn to become the flexible, creative, innovative leaders that this world needs by investing their time in play. 
This program fills two buckets. Play for your child and Self-investment for you. 

If you start today, you have the power to make this summer the one where you feel rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy your family. 

I hope you’ll take the leap. 

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