Because Play Should Be Simple

  • How to use the same toys and materials for toddler through grade school

  • How to simplify and set up a play prompt in five minutes

  • How to set up prompts your child will actually play with

  • How to set limits and boundaries around messy play

  • How to stop chasing your tail with Pinterest crafts and start setting up play prompts that will transform how your child plays and learns

  • How to win back time for yourself while your child is learning and playing independently

What To Expect

  • Easy Login & Access

    Access your resource online so you never have to track down the link in your inbox.

  • Transformation

    Go from frustrated that your kids just won’t engage with play to mesmerized by how well your children can self-direct their own play and learning.

  • Learning Insights

    An overview of what your child might be learning when engaging in the prompts.

  • Simple Tools

    Five basic play materials transformed into twenty-five play prompts that you can use as is, or adapt to meet your own child’s needs. 

  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! 

    Plenty of ideas on how to keep messy play manageable. 

  • Expectation Shaping

    Tips on realistic expectations for play and clean up.